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Inside Philanthropy: How Philanthropy Can Follow the Lead of Girls of Color

In Start From The Ground Up, a report from Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC), researchers shared that while girls and philanthropists identify some of the same key issues, philanthropy often fails to fund what girls say is needed due to the lack of a shared political analysis. Girls of color stress the importance of dismantling structural inequities, but philanthropy often funds work that focuses on individual mobility rather than systemic transformation.


About the #1Billion4BlackGirls campaign

The #1Billion4BlackGirls is a 10-year philanthropic initiative designed to invest in the brain trust, innovation, health, safety, education, artistic visions, research, and joy of Black girls and their families. The Black Girl Freedom Fund (BGFF) is an initiative of Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC), and leads and hosts the organization of Black Girl Freedom Week.

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